Two months ago it was feared the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be going off to television heaven after home network Fox announced its cancellation. The show has amassed a strong following, especially for its Latina leads, played by Cuban-American actress Melissa Fumero and Colombian-Bolivian-American actress Stephanie Beatriz. Thankfully NBC announced plans to pick it up for another season. But what are Beatriz and Fumero doing in their off-time? Apparently they’re hanging out with our favorite Latino family, the Alvarezes of Netflix’s One Day at a Time.

After announcing legendary singer Gloria Estefan was joining the show as a nemesis for Rita Moreno’s character, Lydia, fans were wondering who else from the community would be dropping in as guest stars. Fumero posted a brief video showing her and Beatriz throwing back the curtains that separate Lydia’s bedroom from the living room on the Netflix comedy, announcing that after a prolonged wait they could reveal their presence on the series. Both Beatriz and Fumero expressed their excitement for joining the series for a week’s worth filming, alluding to a warm welcome from showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett, who also expressed joy at having the ladies join their “familia.”

There’s no word right now on what characters the two will be playing, though we can’t wait to see Beatriz and Fumero get up to hijinks with Justina Machado’s Penelope. Who knows what will happen.

There’s no current release date for season three of One Day at a Time.