WATCH: Maluma Admits Forgetting Lyrics of Song While Performing With J.Lo

Lead Photo: Photo by James Devaney/GC Images
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images
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A musician’s biggest fear is arguably getting on stage and forgetting the lyrics to your song. It happens to the best of them, like Mariah Carey during that New Year’s Eve performance. She was not the first and definitely has not been the last according to the latest Maluma interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Maluma admitted to Fallon that he was working on the movie Marry Me when he blanked on the lyrics for the title song. He told Fallon that while performing the song in New York City, he completely blanked on the lyrics.


“It was nice, I was performing with Jennifer. She came (in) like a queen and I just wanted to hug her. But we had a teleprompter because I didn’t know the lyrics for the song. Then, I started singing and I forgot the lyrics and I saw the teleprompter went off,” he told the host. “So, it was in Madison Square Garden, one of the most important concerts of my career. But Jennifer, she helped me, man. She got my back. At the end of the day, nobody realized that I didn’t know the lyrics.”

The pop star also talked about his excitement about the success of Encanto. The singer plays Isabela’s love interest and he is so proud of the movie and its portrayal of Colombia.

For Maluma, Encanto is telling the real story about Colombia, unlike others in the media space who ignore the culture of this country and go for sensational stories about drug cartels and copious amounts of violence. “I don’t want people to think that Colombia is Pablo Escobar anymore and all that violence. It’s Encanto and it’s beautiful.” 

Marry Me is coming to theaters on February 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day.