WATCH: ‘Marry Me’ Trailer Shows J.Lo in a Whirlwind Romance with an Unsuspecting Fan

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Courtesy of Universal Pictures
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Jennifer Lopez is back in a new movie and we are so excited for the journey that is a J.Lo film. The trailer for Marry Me was released today and the story is what you’d expect from a romcom aka something we’re absolutely going to watch. J.Lo plays a pop star named Kat Valdez who is getting ready for an on-stage wedding to fellow musical icon Bastian, played by the very handsome Maluma. Yet, right before the big day, the paparazzi catch Bastian cheating on Kat Valdez with her assistant. Her. Assistant.

Fortunately for Charlie Gilbert, played by Owen Wilson, the pop star decides to marry him after seeing him with a “Marry Me” sign in the crowd. Charlie Gilbert is there with his daughter, who loves Kat Valdez so, of course, when the singer points to Charlie, his daughter is ecstatic to make him get on the stage to marry the singer. Of course, Bastian tries to make his way back into Kat’s heart after her marriage and the battle within her begins. 

The rest of the trailer shows the newlywed couple working to figure out how to spin the sudden nuptials so that the singer isn’t deemed “crazy” by the press. We see Charlie attending press events and Kat getting to know his students. And by the looks of things, and because we’ve watched movies like this before, Kat is going to let her heart lead her at the end of it all.

Marry Me is slated to be released on February 11, 2022.