Meet Nikki Rodriguez, the Latina Lead in ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’

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Nikki Rodriguez is no stranger to Netflix dramas. But the soon to be 22-year-old (her birthday is on December 17), who got her big break appearing as the character of Vero in On My Block is taking her first turn in a starring role in the YA drama My Life with the Walter Boys.

Rodriguez was raised by her British German mother and then moved to LA when she was only 15 to study acting alongside her father, who is Mexican. That means she understands a little of the unusual family dynamics her character, Jackie Howard, has to live with in My Life With the Walter Boys.

In the show, after losing her family in a car accident, Jackie Howard moves to rural Colorado to live with the Walter family – who, as the title suggests, contains 7 boys. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between two of the Walter brothers, Alex and Cole, just as she tries to adjust to a new life and a new school.

Before My Life With the Walter Boys, Rodriguez starred as the recurring character of Vero on On My Block. Introduced in Season 4, Vero is the girlfriend of one of the main characters, Cesar Díaz – at least until he cheats on her with Monse.

Rodriguez previously appeared in the romantic comedy Back to Lyla and the sci-fi movie The Uprising. She also had small roles in Adam Ruins Everything and Speechless.

Very little else is known about Rodriguez, other than My Life With the Walter Boys looks like the kind of show that usually has a long shelf life on Netflix. That means we might be seeing a lot of Nikki Rodriguez for years to come.

My Life with the Walter Boys season 1 is now available on Netflix.