Meet the Queens Competing in the First Season of ‘Drag Race Brasil’

Lead Photo: World of Wonder
World of Wonder
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Twelve drag queens will be competing for the title of Brazil’s Next Drag Superstar. The full cast was revealed for the upcoming first season of Drag Race Brasil.

Last month, Grag Queen was announced as the host of Drag Race Brasil. The superstar won the drag singing competition Queen of the Universe back in 2021. Dudu Bertholini and Bruna Braga will join her on the judging panel. And drag queens from throughout Brazil will be vying for the crown with a majority of competitors coming from Rio de Janeiro.

The queens are Aquarela, Betina Polaroid, Dallas de Vil, Diva More, Hellena Malditta, Melusine Sparkle, Miranda Lebrão, Naza, Organzza, Rubi Ocean, Shannon Skarllet, and Tristan Soledade. 

Aquarela hails from the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. She is described as a “gourmet clown” due to her ability to bring to the runway with her stunning makeup skills and put on a memorable performance.

Betina Polaroid is one of four drag queens who are representing Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to her skills as a photographer, she knows how to serve great looks in front of the camera as well.

Dallas de Vil comes from the Brazilian city of Campinas. The drag queen also works as a pop DJ and believes revolution is possible through the art of entertainment.

Diva More is making her Drag Race debut from Jaquirana Serra Gaucha. As with Aquarela, she likes to clown around as well. Diva More also loves to bring her fantasies to life via a green screen.

Hellena Malditta hails from São Gonçalo, She knows how to toe the line between beauty and monstrosity with her versatile drag style.

Melusine Sparkle is representing drag from São José do Rio Preto. She explores art in a playful way that allows for her audience to step into her fantasy world.

Like Betina Polaroid, Miranda Lebrão also comes from Rio de Janeiro. She is described as a visual artist who knows how to blend debauchery, drama, and the art of transformation.


Naza will be stepping onto the Drag Race runway from Monte Santo de Minas. Her drag style is described as a mix of authenticity, boldness, and a bunch of trouble. 

Organzza is the third contestant to come from Rio de Janeiro. As drag queen and visual artist, she loves to blend Afrofuturism with Carnival in what she brings to the stage.

Rubi Ocean hails from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. She is a drag queen from the Brazilian cerrado art scene who is passionate about fashion and sewing. Hopefully, she gets a chance to show off her skills in a design challenge. 

The representation of drag queens from Rio de Janeiro is rounded out by Shannon Skarllet. As a visual artist, she is known for mixing beauty, dancing, and a lot of drama in performances.

Tristan Soledade comes from the city Belém. She describes herself as the “daughter of the darkness of the north.” Tristan Soledade is a part of the Thematic Art Movement and uses her drag to uplift the LGBTQ+ community in the northern part of the country.


Drag Race Brasil will premiere on August 30 on MTV and Paramount+ in Brazil. The series will also stream on WOW Presents Plus worldwide. It will be available on Paramount+ in the U.S. additionally at a later date. 

Watch the “Meet the Queens” video below.