We Finally Have A Premiere Date for ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2

Lead Photo: 'Narcos: Mexico' image courtesy of Netflix
'Narcos: Mexico' image courtesy of Netflix
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About a year ago, Netflix announced that Narcos: Mexico would get a second season. Since then, we’ve eagerly awaited more information about when the second season would drop. (We forgive you Netflix because you’ve given us so many other things to look forward to in that time.) After what felt like a long wait, we finally have our answer.

This week, the official Instagram page for the series dropped a teaser to announce that the second season of Narcos: Mexico will premiere on February 13. The brief teaser shows Diego Luna’s Felix Gallardo wearing sunglasses that obscure his eyes as he turns to the camera. In a voice, he says in Spanish, “Everybody’s hungry for something. If you flinch, even the toughest beast ends up in a cage.” The very ominous clip doesn’t give us much information, but it does set the tone.

We do know that we can expect the second season to “detail the missteps, ill-conceived agendas, and corruption on both sides of the border that have lead to a dangerous present in the failed war on drugs.” Scoot McNairy will return, one of several returning cast members, as DEA agent Walt Breslin who will attempt to avenge the execution of fellow agent Kiki Camarena, played by Michael Peña.

The narco world remains a popular topic to mine for film and television. Alongside Netflix’s Narcos series there have been feature films like Miss Bala and Peppermint as well as the recent Sicario sequel.

Narcos: Mexico season two streams on Netflix February 13, 2020.