Narcos Collide With Flesh-Eating Zombies in Upcoming Amazon Prime Series

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime
Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime is getting a new narco show. And no, it won’t be anything like Netflix’s Narcos, which is complete with shootouts and slick suits. Instead, Amazon Prime is going for the undead.

In 2020, the streaming company will release Narcos vs Zombies. The eight-episode series – produced by Dynamo and Red Creek Productions and written by Nicolas Entel and Miguel Tejada Flores – will take from the zombie, sci-fi and action genres to tell the story of narco kingpin Alonso Marroquín (Sergio Peris-Mencheta). Marroquín escapes from a high-security Mexican prison and holes up with his son, Lucas (Nery Arredondo), at a “remote drug rehab” facility called Paradiso on the U.S. side of the border.

Unfortunately, test subjects from a “failed U.S. military experiment” have come back as flesh-eating zombies and have infected a Mexican SWAT team looking for Marroquín. This doesn’t just leave Marroquín and Lucas fighting for survival but also kicks off a U.S. response to kill the zombies by any means necessary. Narcos vs. Zombies will stream exclusively on Prime Video in more than 200 countries, including Mexico and Latin America.

This is something new for Amazon Prime Video, though the streaming service continues to show commitment to showcasing series from all parts of Latin America. Narcos vs. Zombies sounds incredibly interesting (and probably a little silly to some), but it’s great to see Amazon taking different tastes into consideration.

Narcos vs. Zombies will stream on Amazon sometime next year.