Netflix’s ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Animated Series Gets Release Date

Lead Photo: Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images
Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images
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If you’re worried about feeling the post-Christmas blues in a few weeks, fear not. Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez will help us start 2019 off right. The first trailer for her new movie Miss Bala – releasing in February – is already showing off the actress as an action heroine, and in about a month you’ll be able to see her star as the greatest thief of all time!

It’s been nearly nine months since anyone’s heard about Rodriguez’s pair of Carmen Sandiego projects for Netflix. It was revealed that not only would the Jane the Virgin actress star as Carmen Sandiego in an animated series, but would also be starring in a live-action movie. There’s still no word on the live-action version, but in a tweet published by Netflix, the streaming company has announced a release date for the animated version, January 18.

Simply titled Carmen Sandiego, the series follows the master criminal who is actually a “modern day Robin Hood” going around the globe and stealing from the nefarious organization V.I.L.E. in retribution. Unfortunately, V.I.L.E.’s roots run deep and Carmen has been labeled a criminal and is perpetually on the run. Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard is also lending his voice to the show, playing a character called (of all things) Player, described as a friend and accomplice to Carmen.

The old-school animation style seems reminiscent of Disney Channel shows like Kim Possible. Netflix seems to have gone all in on Rodriguez playing the character – between this and the live-action movie – so it’s possible this animated series might lead into or otherwise connect with the film when it actually starts filming.

Carmen Sandiego starts streaming January 18 on Netflix.