Amid Controversy, Netflix Renews ‘On My Block’ for Season 2

Lead Photo: 'On My Block' photo by John O Flexor. Courtesy of Netflix
'On My Block' photo by John O Flexor. Courtesy of Netflix
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Fans of the Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft and Lauren Iungerich coming-of-age series On My Block can rejoice! Less than a month after its first season premiered on Netflix, it’s been announced the show is getting a second season.

With comparisons to The Wonder Years abounding, On My Block takes a new look at the lives of a group of friends living in South Central Los Angeles. The show has already garnered a wealth of critical and audience acclaim. Gonzalez himself had numerous ideas about where the show could go in season 2, including an episode looking at shootings, and how money impacts one’s life.

This is the second high-profile Latino-led series Netflix has given another season to. Three weeks ago, the streaming service announced a third season of the popular Latino sitcom One Day at a Time.

On My Block has connected with countless fans despite only just having one season. This fervor continues even in the light of unconfirmed pro-Trump tweets from one of its leads, actress Ronni Hawk, whose character on the show, Olivia, is Mexican.

There is currently no date for when the second season of On My Block will drop, though it’s safe to assume it will be sometime in 2019.