‘Stranger Things’ Tapped Xuxa For Bizarre, Yet Delightful Promo

To create the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the duo behind Netflix’s Stranger Things heavily leaned on 80s imagery. This means that nods to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV Show, 1982’s The Thing, and The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” naturally found a home on the eight-episode series. But if you were a kid in Latin America or a Latino in the United States during this decade, your childhood probably largely revolved around Xuxa and her outlandish clothing. Thankfully, Netflix mixed the Internet’s new obsession with our old obsession to promote the show across Latin America and Spain.

The promo has Xuxa step back into her role as the queen of the bajitos, and just as on her show, she takes time to answer a fan’s letter. The clip opens with Eleven flipping channels (an actual scene from the show) and coming across Xuxa’s show. The host, who wears colorful clothing and bright red hoop earrings, looks more Xuxa than we’ve seen her in recent years. The clip’s picture noise and wavy lines, kind of like if you played a tape on an old VCR, add to the vintage feel.

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She opens a letter from Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), who is looking for her son, Will. Before she reads the letter, Xuxa goes a little anachronistic on us and says she doesn’t have her yet-to-be-born daughter to serve as a translator. She also pokes fun at herself and says that her Xuxa doll is behind all of the supernatural events Joyce is experiencing.

It’s two minutes and 30 seconds of ’80s cheesiness, but it’s pretty perfect. Just like in the ’80s, Xuxa filmed the segment in both Spanish and Portuguese. So check out the Spanish promo above and then the more fun Portuguese one below: