TRAILER: Netflix Drama Series ‘Tijuana’ Takes a Deep Dive into the Dangers Journalists Face in Mexico

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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After Narcos: Mexico and Colosio, it’s clear Netflix’s algorithm has decided that fictionalized takes on recent Mexican history are all the rage. Joining the streaming service’s Spanish-language content this month is Tijuana. The series follows the journalistic team at the weekly newspaper Frente Tijuana, who are intent on uncovering the story of the murder of a gubernatorial candidate. The weekly newspaper, founded by Antonio Borja (Narcos: Mexico‘s own Damián Alcázar), Federica Almeida (Claudette Maillé) and Iván Rosa, prides itself on its plucky independence. The death of Rosa sets up much of the drama of the show, which aims to tell the story of how dangerous the job of journalists in Tijuana can be when they uncover truths people in power would rather not make public.

In its first trailer for the Mexican drama (a co-production with Univision), a nighttime vigil for Rosa sets the tone for this celebration of journalistic integrity. With its somber washed-out cinematography, this looks to offer a different take on the oft-brightly-lit border town. As the Frente Tijuana team looks into the increasing death toll around them (whether by assassins or as by-products of the migrant trade that runs through the town), Tijuana hopes to offer a fictionalized take on the unsung heroes who continue to pay the price for wanting to tell the public the truth. “What we have to offer,” one character says in the trailer, “is that which no one else can do.” Think of it as Spotlight meets Ingobernable.

The Netflix drama also stars Tamara Vallarta (La Bandida) as a newcomer to the newsroom intent on making her mark on the team, Tete Espinosa (El Chapo) as a driven photographer always on the look out for a new lead, Rodrigo Abed (El Señor de los Cielos) as a powerful businessman eager to get journalists off his scent from his unseemly dealings, and Ivan Aragon (El Chapo) as Antonio’s son, committed to earning his father’s love and respect. Take a look at the full trailer below.

Tijuana is currently streaming on Netflix.