Not satisfied with merely expanding the Club de Cuervos universe (and, you know, giving Kate del Castillo her own star-vehicle), Netflix just announced a new Mexico-set series. Titled Tijuanathe timely show promises to be a probing look at the role socially conscious journalists play in the current political climate south of the border. Starring Damián Alcázar as the co-founder of Frente Tijuana, a respected local paper, and Tamara Vallarta, as a wide-eyed reporter eager to make her mark in the newsroom, the Mexican production opens with the assassination of a gubernatorial candidate. That kind of ripped-from-the-headlines storyline will have Alcázar’s Antonio Borja and Vallarta’s Gabriela Cisneros following leads that will uncover a much more sinister plot about the government’s corruption.

Created by Daniel Posada and Zayre Ferrer as a co-production with Univision’s Story House, the show hopes to tackle head on the gruesome reality that local journalists have been forced to live with as the new normal. Just last year, following the death of Javier Valdez Cardenas, the award-winning reporter who had long been covering the drug war in Mexico, journalists in Mexico banded together for a #UnDíaSinPeriodismo to protest the violence that threatens their day-to-day. Tijuana, which will also feature Claudette MailléRodrigo Abed, and Teté Espinosa among others, looks primed to be the Mexican Spotlight, making reporters standing up to corruption and impunity heroes worthy of their own serial drama.

Tijuana will stream on Netflix worldwide but will first air on Univision in the United States later this year.