Netflix’s first ever spinoff got a brand new trailer! Expanding its Club de cuervos universe, the streaming service is taking one of its most charming Cuervos characters — Hugo Sánchez (Jesus Zavala) — and dropping him into his own adventure. When spoiled rich siblings Chava and Isabel learn their soccer team is to play in a tournament in Nicaragua, they bicker over who’ll get the unfortunate job of leading the team down there. And despite Chava’s protestations (he really doesn’t want to get zika, you know?) he ends up agreeing to take the lead… only to then drop it into his eager assistant’s hands. Moreover, he encourages him to see this as an opportunity to grow up. Or rather, to grow a pair.

Thus begins La balada de Hugo Sanchezwhere our cherub-faced hero must rise to the occasion. He’ll try to earn the team’s respect and even find a way to confront his mother, who’s still set on him taking over their casket-making business back home. Borrowing Cuervos‘s signature look — plenty of brightly lit soccer fields and sleek nighttime scenes — the spinoff promises to keep that show’s original humor intact. In our first look at Hugo’s misadventures, we not only get to meet his caftan-loving mom, see the team’s less-than-ideal living conditions while playing the “Duel of the Birds” tournament (think a creepy horror movie set where the lightbulb keeps blinking), but also witness Hugo’s first attempts at romance. Spoiler alert: his meet-cute ends in flames. Literally.

Check out the full trailer below and begin ranking all of Hugo’s sweaters and cardigans while you wait for the series to drop.

La balada de Hugo Sánchez premieres June 17, 2018 on Netflix right after Mexico’s first World Cup match.