‘On My Block’ Final Season Trailer Puts Cesar on Ill-Fated Path

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Courtesy of Netflix.
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Two weeks after Netflix announced an official release date for the fourth and final season of its teen dramedy series On My Block, fans are now getting another trailer of the last 10 episodes.

In case you need a refresher on how things ended in Season 3, Monse (Sierra Capri) is on her way to an all-girls school and saying farewell to her crew – Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby (Jason Genao), Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) and Cesar (Diego Tinoco). “Promise me nothing’s gonna change,” she tells them. They respond: “Nothing’s gonna change.”

Things, however, do change as evident from the first teaser trailer and now, even more so, from the new, minute-long preview. Two years later, Cesar is the new leader of the Santos street gang. In the latest trailer, he explains to Monse why gang life is something that he was destined to live. He believes that while Monse and all their other friends will go on to pursue their dreams, it’s too late for him.

“You’re gonna go off and be a famous writer someday,” he tells Monse. “Ruby is gonna follow his brother and go off to some fancy college. Jamal, he’ll figure things out and get out. But this life, it’s my destiny. My family crest is and will always be a gang sign.”

Going into Season 4, the big question is whether Cesar will fall deeper into the gang culture or if Monse and the rest of their friends can somehow save him from an ill-fated future. How much influence will Spooky (Julio Macias) have on him now that he is going to be a new father?

The new trailer also teases fans with a closer look at Cesar’s new style, a scene where Spooky is holding his girlfriend’s pregnant belly, another where Monse is getting into a physical altercation on school grounds, and a funny look at abuela tipping back a bottle of tequila while giving audiences a wink to let us know she’s got everything under control.

Also, Chivo (Emilio Rivera), a gardener and former Santos gang member from the first two seasons, returns for the final season and looks a bit emotional, although he blames his tears on some chopped onions.

On My Block Season 4 debuts on Netflix October 4.