Oscar Isaac Says It’s Hard to Fit His Butt & “Ethnic Hips” Into the Millennium Falcon Seat

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Lucasfilm
Courtesy of Lucasfilm
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Oscar Isaac has a big butt. You knew this, I knew this, your tías knew this. But thankfully we can all finally talk about it openly because the Star Wars star went ahead and talked about what it means to have a big butt. Or, to use his own words, what it means to have “ethnic hips.” Being gifted with such an asset is not, alas, all fun and games. Sometimes you come up against obstacles that get in the way of your comfort and remind you that the world itself, and especially the OG world of Estar guars was not made for swarthy hips like his. Back in March, Isaac sat down with the guys over at the Happy Sad Confused podcast to talk about his Netflix film Triple Frontier(Remember that?) And clearly not enough of us listened to the episode all the way through, because it wasn’t until a tweet from earlier this week that arguably the most delicious Isaac quote from that convo began making the rounds.

Asked about how it felt to bid goodbye to this long-running franchise, the Rise of the Skywalker actor talked about how being part of that saga has felt at times surreal, making even the most outlandish things feel almost commonplace. “You know like, ‘Oh, here I go, I’m in an X-wing again!’ Oh, I got to squeeze my ass into this freaking Millennium Falcon chair! It’s like — they clearly don’t make it for ethnic hips. Harrison Ford did not have a butt because this is not working for me,” he added. “Everything starts to feel like old hat.” Yes, even being uncomfortable in one of the galaxy’s most famous getaway vehicles.

There are so many things to love about that brief exchange, especially that dig at Han Solo himself! But the main take-away is Isaac admitting he’s, in 2019 parlance, a thicc Star Wars pilot. The admission, as you can imagine, led to a much-needed reassessment (pun intended) of Mr. Isaac’s well-formed figure all throughout the Twittersphere. And yes, that included plenty of gifs. Enjoy.