You Can Now Buy Every Single Pedro Almodóvar Movie on iTunes

Lead Photo: Pedro Almodóvar with the cast of 'Amantes Pasajeros'
Pedro Almodóvar with the cast of 'Amantes Pasajeros'
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It’s usually a bad idea to make sweeping generalizations, but it’s safe to say that New York film fans are universally pumped about the massive Pedro Almodóvar retrospective that opened yesterday at MoMA. But for those of you who aren’t a day-trip away from the Big Apple – or don’t have the cash for a weekend jaunt to Manhattan – we have some very good news: iTunes has made the entirety of Almodóvar’s filmography available for purchase or rent.

We know what you’re thinking – what self-respecting film nerd would take a digital download over a collector’s edition DVD or Blu-Ray? In this case, the answer is actually pretty simple: anyone who wants to see early masterpieces like Pepi, Luci, Bom or Labyrinth of Passion, neither of which have previously been available in the United States; or Almodóvar fanatics who are sick of dusting off their fading VHS copies of cult favorites like Kika or High Heels, and want to see their first-ever high-definition transfers in the US.

Heck, even recent classics like All About My Mother and Talk to Her have gotten brand-new transfers and a handful of enticing extras to accompany them in their digital abode. Of course, the Manchego master’s latest, Julieta, won’t be available for download ahead of it’s nationwide release, but these 19 bold, irreverent, and wholly original films should be more than enough to hold you over until Julieta hits screens on December 17. Click here to preview the collection online and here to check out iTunes’ digital store.

[h/t: Indiewire]