Pitbull and His White Suit Partied With Terrence Howard on ‘Empire’

A few months back, we gave you fair warning that Pitbull would be bringing his Miami yachtwear aesthetic to Fox’s runaway hip-hop soap Empire, and on Wednesday night that finally happened. But in case you missed this historic event on account of the National League wildcard game or something of the sort, you don’t have to panic: Fox has shared an exclusive clip from the episode on its YouTube channel to hold you over until the episode makes its way to any number of streaming platforms.

Photo by: Chuck Hodes/FOX
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The minute-and-a-half slice of music industry wheelin’ and dealin’ kicks off with Pitbull performing a new, predictably catchy pop anthem with Jussie Smollett written exclusively for this episode. After the performance, Pit takes a moment to show off his acting chops in a one-on-one with Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyon, in which he offers to buy a stake in Empire Records.

Granted, Pit is no Raúl Juliá, but he more or less holds his own across from one of the country’s most prolific and respected actors. Whether this means the Cuban-American rapper and record industry mogul will be landing a recurring role on the show is up in the air, but this little taste of Mr. 305 should be enough to keep us happy until his next ditty blows up dance floors across the world.