Raul Castillo Joins ‘Gotham’ Cast As the Face-Eating Villain Eduardo Flamingo

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Gotham, which has been pretty good about casting Latinos as far as mainstream TV goes, is adding another Latino actor to its ranks. Joining Zabryna Guevara, Morena Baccarin and Victoria Cartagena is Raul Castillo, as the villainous Eduardo Flamingo. Variety reports that the character will debut in the ninth episode of the second season.

The DC Wiki describes the comic book character as a face eater, and, as Seth Meyers points out in the clip below, this is a pretty deep-cut villain from the Batman mythology, and one who has actually never had a live action depiction.

Castillo was previously on HBO’s Looking, which was recently canceled and has a role in the upcoming Ricky Gervais filmSpecial Correspondents.