WATCH: ‘Rebelde’s Sergio Mayer Mori Serenades Fans on TikTok

Lead Photo: Netflix
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Sergio Mayer Mori might have become a household name because of Netflix’s Rebelde, but he has always wanted to be known for his own music – something he made clear a few weeks back, to great controversy. Whatever your likes and dislikes are, you shouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds you.

Mori did apologize for his comments about RBD, and had been mostly quiet since, even as the announcement of Rebelde’s second season and new cast members were taking the internet by storm. Now, however, he’s taking his considerable musical talent to Tik Tok, and doing so in a way that feels very natural.


Cuando la cagas, y le haces una cancion a tu pareja… #original #mayermäistermüsic

♬ original sound – Sergio Mayer Mori

The actor, his guitar and unkempt hair that makes him look distinctly different from Estebán — his character on Rebelde — has uploaded more music than anything, but there’s also been time for a video of him building a closet, a look at his tattoos, and a lot of appearances from his girlfriend. Basically, a regular Tik Tok account, just from someone a tad more famous than all of us.

But if we’re being honest, it’s the serenading of his fans in English and in Spanish that is intriguing and makes us wonder what new opportunities his character will have in season 2. Maybe a little bit more guitar and messy hair for Estebán? One can only hope!


Les late cuenta de musica? O la borro ya alv

♬ original sound – Sergio Mayer Mori

If you’re a fan of Estebán, Sergio or just Rebelde in general, it might just be worth keeping an eye on his Tik Tok. After all, the platform has become one of the best ways to connect with fans and show a little of what celebrities are doing outside of the most carefully curated network appearances, and with season 2 of Rebelde on the way, who knows who or what might pop up on Sergio’s TikTok. 

And even if nothing does, well, the songs are not half bad.