‘Society of the Snow’ Becomes One of the Most Watched Films in Netflix History

Lead Photo: Netflix
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Society of the Snow (La Sociedad de la Nieve) keeps breaking records, and it’s well on the way to breaking even more. The movie has now become the second most-watched non-English language movie on Netflix, trailing only the Norwegian film Troll. But it’s unlikely to stop there. Particularly considering it’s now carrying a very prestigious banner as it’s displayed on Netflix, that of an Oscar nominee.

The Oscars ceremony, which is set to take place on March 10th, will see Society of the Snow competing for two awards, Best International Feature Film and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. 

Society of the Snow has been extremely well-received by critics and fans alike and looks poised to overtake Troll atop the leaderboard as the most-watched non-English language movie ever on the streaming service. For now, it’s reached second place in only a little over forty days. Netflix counts the first 91 days. That leaves Society of the Snow plenty of time to catch up and become the standard for other movies going forward. 

It’s got 86.1 million views so far. Troll has 103 million in total. That’s about a 17 million difference between the two titles to make up in 50 or so days. Sounds not just doable but likely.

Society of the Snow (La Sociedad de la Nieve) is based on the book of the same name by Pablo Vierci. The movie tells the story of the crash of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the Andes in 1972. Of the 45 passengers in that plane, 16 of them survived 72 days and were rescued after two of them – Roberto Canessa and Nando Parrado climbed 15,260 feet and walked for approximately 38 miles and 10 days to seek help. But the movie focuses not just on the 16 survivors, or the two who walked out, but on the stories of all the passengers aboard the plane.

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