Is Grogu This Generation’s R2D2? ‘The Mandalorian’ EP’s Think So

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney+/Youtube
Courtesy of Disney+/Youtube
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In just two seasons, the Disney+ series The Mandalorian has become a global phenomenon, which will continue to grow once the third season premieres early next month.

Disney+ is marking the 30-day countdown to the new season with a new poster and featurette.

The poster features Mando (Pedro Pascal) standing atop his starfighter and holding a blaster in his left hand and the dark saber in the other. Behind him and to his left, Grogu sits inside the ship looking out of his bubble viewport. Also, is it just us, or is he looking at Mando like he’s super proud of his dad?

In the featurette, creator, and executive producer Jon Favreau, executive producer Dave Filoni, and others speak on what The Mandalorian has meant to them over the last couple of seasons.

“We get into this because we’re fans,” Favreau said. “I’m very proud of The Mandalorian. It’s about becoming part of something larger than yourself.” Filoni adds: “The legacy of it – it means something to [fans].”

Rick Famuyiwa, who wrote and directed a few episodes in the last two seasons, will be joining the series as an executive producer for season 3. He said The Mandalorian works because it is a mix of incredible talent in front of and behind the camera. “Everyone just bringing it week after week,” he said.

The preview also includes examples of how The Mandalorian has seeped into pop culture since it first premiered in 2019. This includes clips of the series being mentioned or parodied on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Simpsons, and countless memes, most of them centered around the cutest Force user, Grogu.

“For a generation of kids, Grogu represents something that R2 represented to me,” Filoni said. 

Which, we see it. There is a Grogu reaction to everything, his face on every piece of merchandise available, and seeing him on our screens is an instant serotonin boost unlike any we’ve experienced before in Star Wars.

We’ll see how The Mandalorian builds on its legacy when the third season premieres on March 1, 2023.