There’s Only a Few Days Left to Exchange Your Real Money for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Poetic Money

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What could be better than getting a taste of Chilean mystic and sometime charlatan Alejandro Jodorowsky after 23 years of cinematic inactivity? Getting another taste a year later! That’s right, after announcing his return from audiovisual inactivity with last year’s CGI-surrealist autobiography La danza de la realidad (The Dance of Reality), Jodorowsky has announced that he will begin production on its follow-up, Poesía sin fin (Endless Poetry), sometime this year. But here’s the catch: he needs your help!

Yes, Jodorowsky has shown just how quickly he has been able to adapt to the complex reality of 21st century filmmaking by launching a crowdfunding campaign to help finance his latest endeavor. Taking on the final chapters of his 2001 memoir (also entitled La danza de la realidad), Poesía sin fin will explore Jodorowsky’s teenage years living in Santiago, Chile and making a name for himself as a young poet among the likes of Nicanor Parra and Stella Diaz. Unsurprisingly, the film will once again feature his mutli-talented and equally weird children Brontis, Adan, and Dante alongside Pamela Flores and Leandro Taub.

After abandoning his native Chile over sixty years ago at the tender age of 23, it seems the octogenarian spiritual guru has grown a bit nostalgic in his old age. La danza de la realidad first took us back to Jodorowsky’s unhappy upbringing in his beloved city of Tocopilla on Chile’s northern coast, mixing autobiography with its fair share of fantastic imagery and poetic reflections. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 and was almost universally hailed as a masterpiece. With a budget of $3 million, Poesía sin fin will presumably follow in the same stylistic vein as its precursor, though hopefully we will find the adolescent Jodorowsky a little less miserable that his prepubescent counterpart.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in Santiago this summer, but not before the ambitious Kickstarter campaign reaches its funding goal of $350,00. The deadline to donate is March 22, 2015 and who could resist with awesomely weird rewards like Poetic Money.

The kickstarter page explains: “Jodorowsky thinks that all money should be transformed into poetry. And so that is what he will do with this Kickstarter project. No matter what level you pledge at, Jodorowsky will exchange your pledge into his brand new Poetic Money (DINERO POÉTICO) and send it back to you. This money can’t be spent on any material goods — only on the poetry of the universe.”