Super-Siblings: This Video Proves Gina Rodriguez’s Dad Should Be in the Parent’s Hall of Fame

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It was only a year and a half ago that Gina Rodriguez won the hearts of the American people with her moving 2015 Golden Globes acceptance speech. In her brief moment in the national spotlight the proud Chicago Boricua not only showcased her endearing charisma, but shouted out her mom, dad, and siblings for giving her the support and motivation she needed to make it to the mountaintop.

It could easily pass off as a boilerplate acceptance speech – after all, most of us love and appreciate our parents, especially when we’re winning awards – but in interview after interview it became clear that there was something truly special about Rodriguez’s relationship with her family. And while not all of them may be staples on the celebrity scene, the humble Rodriguezes happen to be high-powered overachievers killing it in the worlds of finance, medicine, and sports.

So what’s their secret? In a new series of video profiles entitled Secrets of Super Siblings, Time magazine has actually set out to figure that out on our behalf. And yes, in case there was any doubt, the Rodriguez family is 100% extraordinary. In Time’s 7-minute clip, the Rodriguez sisters talk about the cult of boundless positivity built into their family life, and how each day their father had them look in the mirror and recite a mantra to remind themselves of their limitless potential.

And now, Ivelisse, Rebecca, and Gina are living proof that this is true – even when the environment would have you think otherwise.