TRAILER: After Her Family Falls Apart, Paulina Is Back From Spain in ‘La Casa de las Flores’ Season 2

Lead Photo: 'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
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Just hearing the drawn-out cadence of one Ms. Pau-li-na De La Mo-ra in the full trailer for the second season of La casa de las flores (The House of Flowers) is enough to make you want to binge the entire thing right away. Cecilia Suárez’s iconic way of speaking as Paulina is the best introduction to Manolo Caro’s darkly funny family dramedy. Blending telenovela trappings with a pop-colored aesthetic, the Netflix show anchored its story around the De La Moras, a picture-perfect family whose flower shop was bedeviled by controversy once dad’s mistress killed herself there, exposing a litany of secrets that nearly broke it apart. Playing like a Mexico-set Desperate Housewives (replete with voice-over courtesy of said deceased mistress), the heart of the show’s first season was Verónica Castro’s Virginia, who tried to steady her family after learning of her husband’s indiscretions.

For its season two, though, Caro had to do away with his iconic leading lady. Castro, a legend in Mexico, was open about not wanting to return to play this weed-dealing, joint-smoking flower shop owner. And so, once La casa de las flores returns it will be without its beating heart. But from the looks of it, Caro and his team have made Castro’s departure a central narrative engine for its sophomore season.

In the trailer for the upcoming season (the show was renewed for multiple seasons last year) we see how — spoiler alert! — the death of Virginia (Castro) has further unsettled the world of the De La Mora family. Having lost their flower shop, their mother, and apparently their father (to a spiritual cult!), the three De La Mora siblings – played by Suárez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, and Aislinn Derbez – will have to band together to get back some semblance of normalcy. That will involve getting Paulina back from Madrid where, as we see in the trailer, she’s sharing her drama with a chatty young gay Spaniard, and plotting how to put this dysfunctional family back together.

If you were hoping that would involve raging fires, hookups involving cow costumes (“the udders turn me on”) and puppet therapy, then you’re in luck. Because the trailer, which you can see in full below, has all of those and plenty of more jaw-dropping worthy moments that will make you want to immediately immerse yourself in this queer gem of a show.

La casa de las flores season 2 returns to Netflix October 18, 2019