TRAILER: Eugenio Derbez & His Famous Family Head to Morocco in New Reality Show

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Pantaya
Courtesy of Pantaya
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In theory, family vacations are all about enjoying each other’s company, spending quality time away from the daily grind and making memories along the way. In practice, though, they can also be stressful outings that bring out the worst in everyone involved. Whereas most of us would rather keep the heartwarming highs and the anxiety-riddled lows of such trips to ourselves, the Derbez family — which is made up of people who are very much not like most of us — have decided to turn their latest family vacation into a reality TV series. De viaje con los Derbez follows Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez (Instructions Not Included, Overboard) as he goes on holiday to Morocco with his celebrity-filled family. That includes his wife and young daughter, as well as his three older kids (all from different mothers) and their respective partners and children.

Anyone familiar with Derbez’s comedy is well aware that he can be, well, a bit much. And that’s something his older kids, which include Casa de las flores’s Aislinn Derbez, can definitely attest to. As Derbez springs this ambitious family trip on his loved ones, you can already feel everyone bracing themselves for what’s to come. “He can be a bit intense,” his wife Alessandra Rosaldo confides to the camera at one point. And so it’s no surprise to find that his decision to pack this sprawling family ensemble (many of whom haven’t lived together at all) into close quarters across the world leads to some tense, and also quite entertaining, situations. “What I thought would be a wonderful adventure has,” Derbez admits at one point in the trailer, “all of a sudden, turned into a nightmare.”

Using car cameras, iPhones, drones, and every other kind of reality TV trick in the book (including confessionals with draped backgrounds), De viaje con los Derbez looks to be an IRL family road trip for the ages. To see what high jinks the Derbez fam are up to while in Morocco (spoiler alert: they involve everything from hot air balloons and racing cars to goats on trees and camels in the desert, and yes, plenty of tears and shots and irritated sighs) check out the full Maldita Vecindad-scored trailer below.

De viaje con los Derbez will be available to stream on Pantaya beginning October 18, 2019.