TRAILER: J.Lo Returns to the Rags-to-Riches Comedy With ‘Second Act’

Lead Photo: Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez star in 'Second Act.' Courtesy of STXfilms
Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez star in 'Second Act.' Courtesy of STXfilms
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Jennifer Lopez is back! Well, it’s true, she never left. In between TV gigs like Shades of Blue and World of Dance, her Vegas residency, and a slew of high-caliber videos with Cardi B and Miguel Angel Silvestre, there’s been plenty of J.Lo to go around. But movie star J.Lo? She’s been gone for a while. And her last two big screen outings (Lila & Eve and The Boy Next Door) were perhaps too intense for those of us who enjoy her in full The Wedding Planner mode. That’s what makes the trailer for her latest movie, Second Act, all the more exciting. Because from the looks of it, we’re getting yet another Maid of Manhattan!

Picture it: Maya lives in Queens with her husband but is unhappy at her job at a local superstore. She’s just been passed over for a promotion because, despite being qualified, she doesn’t have a fancy degree (“book smarts” as she puts it). If only she’d gone to a different school or been able to live the life of those fancy people who climb Mt Kilimanjaro and name their children after fruit. Learning quickly just how much a bit of photoshopping and a fake Facebook page can accomplish, she finds herself landing a job at Franklin & Clarke — a job that comes with a new apartment, company credit cards, and the chance to live the life she’d always dreamed of. But, can she keep up the charade of pretending to be someone she’s not?

Giving J.Lo the chance to go full Working Girl, Second Act arms her with a great ensemble that includes Leah Remini, Milo Ventimiglia, Vanessa Hudgens, and Dan Bucatinsky. From the looks of the trailer, which at first tries to sell us the “Dinero” singer as some sort of dowdy Queens gal (yes, that means we’re even getting a makeover!) the central tension will not be over a man, but over a woman over forty’s career. How refreshing! And while we’re sure the eventual plot can only resolve itself one way, we’re still giddy at the prospect of a J.Lo comedy coming our way in 2018. Check out the glossy Devil Wears Prada-ey trailer below, especially if you wanna see Ms. Lopez flex those slapstick muscles with a fall on her face worthy of Lucille Ball.

Second Act arrives in theaters on November 21, 2018.