WATCH: Ana de Armas Is the Muscle in Action Rom-Com With Chris Evans

Lead Photo: Apple TV+
Apple TV+
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Have you ever had someone you were dating ghost you? Don’t feel bad. There’s probably a good reason they did it. Maybe they’re an undercover CIA agent who is always going on dangerous international missions. That’s probably it. It’s true, at least, for Chris Evans in Ghosted, an upcoming rom-com action-adventure starring him and Oscar nominee Ana de Armas (Blonde), who have previously worked on Knives Out and The Gray Man.

Now we know even more about this movie thanks to Apple TV+ dropping the official trailer.

In Ghosted, Evans plays Cole Riggan, a hopeless romantic who falls head over heels for Sadie (de Armas), a woman he barely knows. Cole is so smitten with Sadie that he tells his parents that “she might be the one.” But when Sadie stops returning his texts, Cole is confused. They had such a fun date together, why would she ghost him like that?

“I bet she isn’t even seeing your texts,” Cole’s mother tells him. Cole responds: “She does travel a lot for work.” Then, his mother comes up with a crazy and spontaneous idea. She suggests Cole go to London where Sadie is working and surprises her. He considers it “a grand, romantic gesture” and believes the only reason Sadie hasn’t responded to his texts is that she doesn’t have an international calling plan.

Once in London, Cole is kidnapped by a group of men and taken to a dark, underground lair where it looks like he will be tortured. Suddenly, he is saved by a mysterious masked figure who ends up being Sadie, a CIA agent who really knows how to use a firearm and is the muscle.

“You got me kidnapped and tortured all after one date!” Cole exclaims.

The rest of the trailer for Ghosted has “every bounty hunter on the continent” after Sadie, including a mustached villain played by Oscar winner Adrien Brody (The Pianist). Oh and it has plenty of Sadie absolutely going to town and protecting Cole. Whether by driving a huge bus backward on a dangerous road or taking someone down with her own hands. Question is, is Cole as innocent as he looks? Or is he a rival agent? Or just the possible boyfriend? 

Ana de Armas continues to prove herself as one of the most sought talents in Hollywood. She is also slowly but surely becoming an action star in her own right with her previous work in The Gray Man and an upcoming John Wick spin-off titled BallerinaShe’s truly come a long way from her El Internado days.

Ghosted is scheduled to debut on AppleTV+ on April 21, 2023.