Watch Ana de la Reguera & Tenoch Huerta Fight off Racist Killer Cowboys in Trailer for ‘The Forever Purge’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Courtesy of Universal Pictures
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The Purge horror franchise is on its fifth film and this time Mexican director Everardo Gout is taking the helm for the dystopian thriller.

Gout got his start as a second assistant director on Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version of Romeo + Juliet. Since then, he has worked on several films and TV shows like National Geographic’s sci-fi adventure Mars and the Spanish-language series Here on Earth starring Gael Garcia Bernal (TV’s Mozart in the Jungle).

In The Forever Purge, Gout introduces audiences to a more chilling form of the Purge because this time the annual event of violence and mayhem doesn’t end when the sun rises. Instead, lawless marauders have decided that the Purge should be a never-ending battle royale of death and destruction.

In the trailer, we see actors Ana de la Reguera (Army of the Dead) and Tenoch Huerta (Narcos: Mexico) leading the cast in a new fight for survival. Both of their characters, Adela and Juan, are working on a Texas ranch the following morning of the annual Purge when they are attacked by men in creepy rabbit masks.

“The Purge is over, please!” Adela screams. “No, it ain’t,” one of the men responds.

In what looks like more of a Western version of The Purge, The Forever Purge pits a sadistic group of outlaws against the Mexican couple and their crew as they attempt to make it across the border into Mexico where they will be safe from the racist killer cowboys.

“Quien es este marrano?” (“Who is this pig?”) Adela asks when one of the men puts a knife to her throat. “Speak English!” he yells at her before Juan lassos him around the neck with a rope. “Does this translate?” he asks pointing a gun to the attacker’s head.

The Forever Purge premieres at theaters July 2.