We love Oscar Isaac. We love the thought of him playing Gomez Addams. We love the fact he can pull off totally dorky dad sweaters. We love when he speaks Spanish. And we definitely love watching him get slapped, or at least slapped for a film.

If you saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you might recall the cathartic moment when Carrie Fisher’s General Organa decided to knock some sense into cocky flyboy Poe Dameron (Isaac) by delivering a loud, open-palmed slap to his beautiful face. In an interview with Stephen Colbert last year, Isaac explained that he endured 27 takes of the painful scene. Well, as a bonus feature on the newly available Star Wars Blu-ray all takes of that slap have been preserved for you to watch. The scene, part of a longer gag-reel, certainly shows Fisher’s determination to get that slap right. Despite it being Isaac’s first day on-set, he bears every slap he gets with quiet dignity and there’s never a hair out of place!

You can see other gags, including a baby BB-8, people making funny faces, and Oscar Isaac referring to his character in the third person. Say what you will about The Last Jedi but, based on this, it looks like the cast had a lot of fun (when they weren’t being slapped in the face).