WATCH: J.Lo and Maluma Masterfully Explain ‘Marry Me’ in 60 Seconds

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J.Lo and Maluma fans are getting muy excited for the upcoming movie Marry Me and the stars know it. The two music superstars created a fun trailer for their fans at home where they tried to explain the entire movie in 60 seconds. Seems like a big task to condense a full-length movie into just 60 seconds but they delivered.

The movie is all about an unexpected romance between pop star Kat Valdez, played by J.Lo, and math teacher Charlie Gilbert, played by Owen Wilson. The entire romance between the two happens after Kat learns that her soon-to-be-husband Bastian, played by Maluma, cheated on her with her assistant.

Instead of the live televised wedding between Kat and Bastian while singing their song “Marry Me,” Kat looks into the crowd and sees Charlie holding a sign reading “Marry Me.” At that moment, the pop star calls the unsuspecting math teacher up on stage to marry her.

Just as you’d expect from a rom-com, Charlie agreed and the whirlwind romance shocks the world and suddenly he is living the wildlife of a global superstar. As for Kat, she’s falling in love with someone unexpected.

Maluma and J.Lo are masterful in their quick telling of the story as the 60 seconds whizzes by. The two do a really good job of giving you some of the juicy bits of the movie while still holding back the real good details that fans are eager to see.

Marry Me will be in theaters and streaming on Peacock on Feb. 11, 2022. Who else is excited to see the movie?