WATCH: María Félix Bioseries Trailer Showcases Rise to Fame & Friendship with Frida Kahlo

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Vix+/Youtube
Courtesy of Vix+/Youtube
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The life of legendary Mexican actress and icon María Félix is coming to the small screen in an upcoming Televisa Univisión bioseries. Judging from all the drama in the first trailer for María Félix: La Doña, the origin story will be one that fans will not want to miss.

“I am a woman with the heart of a man,” Félix declares in the opening of the trailer, setting the stage for her career and life.

Actress and singer Sandra Echeverría (La Usurpadora) takes on the title role as an adult María (Ximena Romo plays María as a young woman and Abril Vergara plays her as a child). The trailer begins with María as a teenager confronting her strict father, who was a military officer.

Other milestones of her life featured early in the trailer include the time when she won a beauty contest at the University of Guadalajara and her wedding to her first husband, Enrique Álvarez, who fathers her only child. After she leaves Enrique, Félix is approached by a stranger while she is window shopping who asks her if she would like to be in movies.

Once a star in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Félix demands that she is paid the same as her male counterparts in the entertainment industry, as we see clips from various projects she took on over the years. We also see a reflection of how those roles changed her as the trailer goes on.

Clips of her weddings to her three other husbands – composer Agustín Lara, actor Jorge Negrete, and banker Alex Berger – are also shown, along with her relationship with painter Antoine Tzapoff. Later in the trailer, Félix is seen drinking with painters Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. She’s even seen cuddling up with Kahlo, who Félix had an intimate friendship with.

Along with María Félix: La Doña, a film on Félix has been announced with Mexican actress and singer Eiza González (Ambulance) cast in the title role.

María Félix: La Doña debuts in the United States and Mexico on the Vix+ platform on July 21, 2022.