WATCH: Melissa Barrera & Jenna Ortega Battle Ghostface in ‘Scream 6’ Official Trailer

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/Youtube
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/Youtube
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The official trailer for the sequel Scream 6 debuted Thursday morning (January 19) and fans of the horror franchise will probably notice that there’s something a bit different about this Ghostface killer.

In Scream 6, sisters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) Carpenter, who survived the last movie, leave Woodsboro behind to start a new life in New York City. Ghostface, of course, isn’t too far behind. “This isn’t like any other Ghostface,” the trailer reveals.

First, it looks like Ghostface’s signature mask looks a bit more worn than other versions. It’s reminiscent of the grungy style of Michael Myers’ mask when the Halloween franchise was rebooted in 2018 by filmmaker David Gordon Green.

The trailer starts with Sam and Tara being pursued by Ghostface inside a bodega where, by the end of the scene, the iconic killer has gotten their hands on a shotgun, which he has used to kill the owner of the shop. Ghostface with a gun? That’s an interesting surprise since the killer’s weapon of choice is usually a knife (although in prior movies, Ghostface has used a gun before but not until after he has been de-masked to reveal their true identity).

“I have this secret,” Sam says in the trailer. “There’s a darkness inside of me. It followed me here. And it’s gonna keep coming for us.”

Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), who survived Scream 4, knows what Sam is talking about. She reprises her role in the new sequel and tells Sam and Tara that they “share a certain history.”

Later in the trailer, Tara has the best plan to rid themselves of Ghostface once and for all: “We execute him,” she says.

It’s easier said than done, especially since the Scream movies have pulled in a combined $745 million at the box office since 1996. Ghostface isn’t likely going anywhere for a few years after this latest reboot. 

We’ll see how close Sam and Tara can get this time when Scream 6 hits theaters on March 10, 2023.