Who is Anya Corazón, the Latina Spider-Girl in ‘Madame Web’?

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Like Miles Morales’ adventure in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the upcoming movie Madame Web will introduce new heroes that expand the Multiverse in exciting ways. In this instance, the titular heroine Madame Web protects three young women from a dangerous threat. One of these women is Anya Corazón, played by Isabela Merced, who is destined to become Spider-Girl.

Created by Joe Quesada, Fiona Avery, and Mark Brooks, Aña Sofia Corazón (Anya Corazón) was a young Puerto Rican and Mexican girl from Brooklyn. She gained her powers not by a spider bite but as a result of being caught between the mysterious Sisterhood of the Wasp and the Spider Society (not to be confused with the society from Across the Spider-Verse). Mortally wounding herself while protecting a man, he gave her some of his power, turning her into a Hunter of the Spider Society.

With powers similar to Spider-Man and the ability to form a blue exoskeleton, she took the name Araña, her mother’s maiden name, and started fighting crime. While using this identity, she made an impact in the Marvel Universe but was eventually depowered, though she continued to fight crime.

However, it didn’t take long for her to regain new powers that were a copy of Spider-Man’s, and she took on the name Spider-Girl, traveling the Spider-Verse with Madame Web. Along with Miles, she also joined the mostly female spider team, the Order of the Web.

Like Miles Morales, Anya Corazón represented a unique level of diversity in the genre as she further represented that anyone can wear the mask. But for now, her origin and deep connection to her culture are unknown in Madame Web. What can be inferred is her connection to the titular heroine and the Multiverse. Therefore, this may be just the beginning of Isabela Merced’s journey as Anya Corazón, and there’s no telling where it could lead her. Hopefully, towards a live-action meet-up with our very own Spider-Man Miles Morales.