Alex Rodriguez Is Now Chairman of Dominican Beer Presidente

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez, former Yankees shortstop and current fiancée to Jennifer Lopez, is now co-owner and chairman of Presidente, a popular brand of cerveza that’s been around since 1935. The beer, if you were wondering, has a 5% alcohol level and is a relatively light beer.

“Shall we call him El Presidente?” a coworker asked in a chat after dropping the news. Well, that depends on the language we’re chatting in and how many of his new family’s beers we’ve chugged. Chairman, as you may know, translates to presidente en español.

The news was made official by way of Anheuser-Busch, the brewing company the pilsner beer has been part of since 2012. In a press release, it declared Presidente, “The No. 1 Dominican beer brand in the world.” Though it’s already a local favorite in the Dominican Republic, their hope is that A-Rod will help expand its presence and popularity in the United States.

In addition, though it’s arguably not amongst the top three Latin American beers of choice in the states, they claim Presidente is known for being, “Long associated with Miami sports.” Can anyone from Miami confirm or deny this?

“Growing up as a Dominican American in the U.S., Presidente was not only a beer, it was part of our community,” A-Rod wrote in his personal announcement post. “It connected my parents to their home and was a part of every major community event, big or small. It is truly an honor to get behind a brand with such a deep connection to my heritage and culture, and I cannot wait to help build its future.”

In a series of photos that all seem to have been taken on the same day, Rodriguez poses alongside the Dominican beer with an expression that exudes genuine joy, but we never see the glass meeting his lips. Perhaps a promotion rule similar to commercials? (Note that humans in beer and smoking commercials never actually indulge.)

In other news, JLo made an appearance in the announcement post. You’ll recognize her as the sole woman and person sans beer in hand. The Bronx-native is likely holding on alcohol until after the Superbowl or is simply a real one and, like you, does not actually want to be at every work event her partner invites her to.

Cheers to this and all unions.