Austin and San Antonio Reach a Taco Truce and Declare March 10 Breakfast Taco Day

Lead Photo: Amanda Munden
Amanda Munden
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The great breakfast taco war of 2016 appears to have reached a truce. For weeks, Austin and San Antonio have been waging a war over which city invented the breakfast taco. It started after an Eater article said the honor belonged to Austin; since then, the two cities have gone head to head – including some 1,700 people signing a petition to exile the Eater author from Texas.

Today, Austin Mayor Steve Adler and San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor met at the Hilton Austin Downtown for a taco summit, where they called a truce. They signed the I-35 Accords, which declared both cities as breakfast taco champions, according to the Texas Tribune. The two mayors also proclaimed March 10, 2016, as Breakfast Taco Day.

“What we must do and what we will do is lead,” Adler said. “And that means celebrating the fact that there is more that unites our tacos than divides them. Let us break our fast with the tortilla of hope and the egg of peace.”

A little cheesy – PUN INTENDED – but hey, Adler successfully spent his morning eating breakfast tacos. Taylor brought tacos from San Antonio’s Mittman Fine Foods, and Adler bought his tacos from Austin’s Juan in a Million.

San Antonio’s 1200 WOAI station shared the whole thing on Periscope, but just know the whole thing began with mariachis.