Your Summer ’17 Beverage Is This California Shop’s Chamoyada-Inspired “Chupacabra Drink”

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López dor Remezcla
Art by Alan López dor Remezcla
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Because unicorn food is a thing in 2017, we’ve seen plenty of businesses jump on the culinary bandwagon and offer colorful, sometimes glittery, foods this year. Between Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino to a Mexican eloteria’s pink-and-blue elote, it’s become difficult to escape this novelty food trend. But California-based frozen yogurt shop Swirl Fiesta wants nothing to do with unicorns, and the company has instead introduced a drink based on a creature that has a long-standing relationship with Latinos/Latin Americans: El Chupacabras.

According to PopSugar Latina, the drink includes strawberries, chamoy, tamarindo, Tajín, lemon juice, and a sour belt candy. The vibrant red beverage – also known as the Strawberry Niada – is pretty spot on, as it’s exactly what the blood-thirsty monster would look like if liquefied. Legend has it that back in 1995, the first El Chupacabras attack took place in Puerto Rico. The creature killed eight sheep and completely drained them of blood.

Check it out below, and hit up Swirl Fiesta – who also concocted a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto elote – at 7706 Limonite, Riverside, California, 92509.