Would You Try a Cilantro-Flavored McFlurry?

Lead Photo: Credit: istetiana
Credit: istetiana
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McDonald’s restaurants in China are selling a cilantro-flavored McFlurry and foodies across the world have some thoughts.

The “Cilantro Sundae” is vanilla ice cream topped off with a type of lime green sauce and chopped cilantro herbs. It is apparently being sold at locations in China from now until February 25.

The new dessert has spurred several different opinions – from “good” to “interesting” to “repulsive.” While most people online haven’t actually tasted the sundae, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say about it. Some would like to sample it if given the opportunity.

The jury is still out on whether the combination of flavors works. At least one person who apparently tried it liked it.

Others wondered why the sundae isn’t already testing in markets in the United States – at least in those areas with high Latine populations. Maybe cilantro isn’t just for tacos al pastor and caldo de pollo anymore.

Still, some Twitter users couldn’t let the news pass them by without landing a funny joke at the expense of McDonald’s.

A “Cilantro Sundae” shouldn’t come as a huge shock to McDonald’s customers. The fast-food chain has a reputation for always testing new menu items globally. Other things that McDonald’s has tried in the past that one might find our communities trying are corn in a cup in Japan, guacamole fries in Australia, and chicken fajitas, which were introduced to customers in 1993, but have since been discontinued.

Some menu items in Latin American countries include banana tortas in Brazil and empanadas de queso in Venezuela. In Mexico, you can order McMolletes; toast topped with refried beans, cheese, and salsa.