Cinco de Mayo: The Parties, The Chihuahua Races, The Lime Shortages

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We all know that Cinco de Mayo is just an arbitrary holiday gringos picked to allow them to throw on their Party-City-bought sombreros and appropriate Mexican culture without too many consequences. But after all the debaucherous drinking and eating we can at least rest assured that Montezuma’s Revenge will be afflicting a fair share of sombreBros…..just kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, we can’t hate too much because we still love tequila and if there’s a day where margaritas are $2 and we can eat as many tacos as we want, count us in. Even if there is a crazy cartel-related lime shortage. 🙁

Since Cinco falls on a Monday this year, that means three days of sloppy decision-making. If you’re looking for a history lesson on what Cinco de Mayo is really about, we recommend this one. But if you DGAF and just want to party, check out our picks — click your city below to see what’s happening this weekend!



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