Danny Trejo is Opening a Taco Spot in LA in a Former Taco Bell Building

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Danny Trejo, may be the only actor to successfully cross over from terrifying killer to hilarious/endearing killer. After decades of playing hard ass, silent but deadly types, he’s spent the last couple of years turning the typecasting on its head, making appearances in commercials, late night shows, and sketches that poke fun at his reputation and reveal a much goofier side.

And now, we have yet another reason to love him. Because Danny Trejo is opening a taco shop in LA called Trejo’s Tacos:

LA Eater reports that Trejo’s Tacos will be on La Brea near Olympic in a former Taco Bell building, and is set to open some time in late spring/early summer.

The second we heard this, we started having visions of Trejo serving up an Al Pastor cut from the trompo with a machete, because duh. This quickly escalated into dreaming up an entire themed menu based on Trejo’s filmography (i.e. Vampirito tacos inspired by From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, a 6 Shots of Tequila special inspired by…6 Shots of Tequila, etc.)

Behold the Trejo’s Tacos menu of our dreams. Danny Trejo, if you’re reading this, please make this happen.

Trejos Tacos
1048 S La Brea
Los Angeles, California