FlatEv Made an “Abuelita-Approved” Keurig for Tortillas

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In 2012, Swiss company FlatEv introduced a tortilla maker – an easy way to make delicious tortillas for those that a) don’t know how to or b) don’t have the time. In a commercial, tortilla maker Rosa is literally replaced by a FlatEv, which, much like a Keurig, uses pods to make the corn (or flour) goodness in seconds.

“They are as tasty and fresh as handmade ones,” the 2012 ad said. “The capsule contains a fresh piece of dough that gets cooked right in front of you…. And don’t forget to invite Rosa from time to time, as a guest, of course.” ?

A few years have passed and Fred Bould (the man behind Nest and GoPro) has taken the FlatEv from prototype to appliance. According to Fast Co. Design, the tortilla maker can be ordered on Kickstarter later this year for $250-$300, and it will make its debut in the United States.

Bould helped the FlatEv team come up with something that didn’t look like another boring appliance. “We started with the visual, cultural aspects in Mexico,” he said. “We looked at architecture, the pyramids, the tools they used to make food.”

FlatEv is still working out the kinks, because wastefulness is a big concern. The plastic from Keurig pods are harmful to the environment, but Flatev is experimenting with the pod material. The company also hopes that people will only make the tortillas they will eat. “When you step back, and you look at the plastic in a bag of tortillas, and you take these pods and lay them flat, it’s not like 10 times [the waste],” Bould said.

As for the taste, Bould said the tortillas were “delicious,” and the company proudly boasts that they are “abuelita approved.” (Hopefully, that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton.)