Maluma Becomes Co-Owner of Mexico’s First Cristalino Mezcal Company

Lead Photo: Credit: Contraluz
Credit: Contraluz
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Maluma is expanding his portfolio into spirits. The Grammy Award-nominated singer is now a co-owner of Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal, Mexico’s first company that produces cristalino mezcal.

“I’ve been a huge fan of both mezcal and cristalino tequila, so when I heard there was a merge of the two profiles into a cristalino mezcal, I knew that I would fall in love with it at the first sip. And, I did!” Maluma said in a statement.

According to the company, mezcal can be identified as “cristalino” by the process that it is made. Here, the brand is created from Espadín agave, which, according to Mezcal Review, “generally takes about 8-12 years to mature.”

In a press release from Contraluz, its cristalino mezcal is “matured for approximately six months in charred American oak barrels sourced from renowned U.S. whiskey producers.” The filtration process, it says, “strikes a balance between the subtle notes of vanilla, cedar, honey and dried fruit acquired during the maturation process, and the cooked agave that delivers a smooth finish and a touch of light smoke.”

It adds: “This crafted cristalino process creates an elegant blend of aromas and tastes while ensuring the signature character of mezcal is maintained.”

Maluma was sold on the brand when he met with the company in Mexico and got the chance to visit the agave fields and see how it was made. “I fell in love with it even more,” he said. “I was confident that I wanted to become a partner and invest for several reasons. In everything that I do, I want to share my discoveries with the world and today, I am excited to present Contraluz to my fans globally.”

Currently, Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal is distributed across nine states, including California, Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Illinois. Expansion will continue internationally into 2023.