Oreo Churros: Bad Idea or Best Idea?

Lead Photo: OREO(R) Churros with OREO(R) cookie creme dip (PRNewsFoto/J&J Snack Foods Corp.)
OREO(R) Churros with OREO(R) cookie creme dip (PRNewsFoto/J&J Snack Foods Corp.)
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UPDATE 11/20/2015: Oreo churros have now hit local grocery stores, and now they’re stuffed with Oreo sweet cream center according to Eater.

We live in a time of unprecedented Frankenstein foods — from Doritos Locos taco shells to cronuts to KFC Double Downs, just when you think the concoctions can’t get weirder, another one crops up. The latest in terrifying-but-tantalizing food mashups to cross my desk? Oreo Churros.

The evil genius behind this idea is J&J Snack Foods, a company that provides stadiums and quick-service restaurants with stuff like SuperPretzels and funnel cakes. Though there’s no exact release date yet, J&J has announced that three varieties of Oreo Churros will hit stadiums and rest stops all across our beloved, artery-clogged nation:

  • traditional churro sticks
  • double-twisted churros
  • bite-size churros

And of course, you’ll be able to dunk them in a special “cookie creme” dip. Despite the fact that these dark wands of fried dough look like the evil twins of regular churros, it’s hard to see how you can go wrong with anything deep fried and coated in sugar — though according to Inside Universal, they’re “nothing spectacular.”