This Is the ‘Most Expensive Tamal in the World’ — Duck Manteca, Really?

Lead Photo: Credit: aldomurillo/Getty Images
Credit: aldomurillo/Getty Images
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Even with inflation at a  40-year high in the United States, someone could still go out and purchase a dozen delicious pork tamales for about $10-15 from a local tamalero. Put a little salsa verde on those things, and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a king (or queen).

However, if you’re looking for something slightly fancier, how about dishing out a cool $150? That’s the price for a single (that’s one) Golden Tamal at Ambar Restaurante & Bar in El Paso, Texas. Executive chef Lawrence Acosta calls it “the most expensive tamal in the world.”

The Golden Tamal blends duck manteca, wagyu short rib, and foie gras barbacoa. It is topped with Baja lobster claws, caviar, and gold flakes. “If you’re a foodie, we urge you to try it for yourself!” an Ámbar Instagram post reads.

Also, that $150 price tag isn’t a typo. Customers can purchase one Golden Tamal for the same price as about 150 regular tamales sold by a street vendor keeping them warm inside an Igloo ice chest on the side of the road.

So, what’s the verdict? Is The Golden Tamal worth its weight in gold? How does it taste? According to El Paso’s KISS-FM radio reporter Iris López, who got a chance to scarf one down, the tamal ain’t bad.

“The second you take your first bite you can taste all the unique ingredients…” López wrote. “I went in with an empty stomach and halfway through tasting this Golden Tamal, I found myself full!”

In that case, go ahead and sign us up for a dozen – for $1,800. Can we at least get a couple of Mexican Cokes thrown in for free?