9 Squads We Want In On

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There’s a day to celebrate just about everything (hope you got your fill of chicken wings yesterday), and today is International Friendship Day. The bff friendly day started in South American countries, especially in Paraguay, and it’s super official. The General Assembly of the United Nations made it so in 2011, though some countries celebrate it on the second Saturday of August.

To celebrate, we’re looking at celebrity squads we want to join:



We heart Flaritza so much that we already wrote up 10 reasons why we wanted to be their bffs, but they’re part of a bigger, just as cool squad.



Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna

They love each other, and aren’t afraid to show it. And we love them for that. If there’s no openings in their squad, then you can at least catch some of their movies.


Los Tres Amigos

Jose Ferrer

Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro González Iñarritu and Guillermo del Toro are killing it in Hollywood. So obviously, only good things can come from joining this squad.


David De Gea and Chicharito

After Chicharito spent a year in Madrid, these two bros were excited to be back together at Manchester United.


Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Wilmer Valderrama

Robert Rodriguez made this possible, and he takes care of his people.


Melonie Diaz and America Ferrera

Melonie Diaz and America Ferrera have been friends since they were 19, so that’s a solid squad.


Las Chicas Superpoderosas

Colombia’s National Women’s Soccer Team may have won silver at the PanAm games, but we’re still big fans.


The Quintanillas

The Quintanillas are a tight knit group who are always on the same page.


The Power Lunch Squad

Ruben Blades, Crazy Legs, Leonard, René Perez of Calle 13, John Leguizamo, Flaco Navaja, Daniel, and Tony Touch, let us join your squad.