5 Things That Have Happened Since We Learned that Sean Penn Visited El Chapo

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After Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman escaped the Altiplano maximum-security prison in July, the media covered every aspect of his prison breakout. Now that he’s been apprehended once again, everyone’s back at it. Friday and Saturday kicked things off. First, Enrique Peña Nieto announced that El Chapo was caught. Then, Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone article, where he admitted to having visited the Sinaloan leader at his hideout, was released.

And though it was a shocking double dose of news, plenty has happened in the days since. Here’s what’s gone down since Saturday:


Footage of El Chapo's raid Is released

On Monday, video of the Mexican marine raid that ended in the arrest of El Chapo was released. In the 14-minute video shared by journalist Carlos Loret, the sounds of gunfire and explosions make it difficult to hear what is being said.

The video is chilling, but incomparable to what 18-year-old Javier Torres witnessed. “It was like an action movie,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “The gunfire … the helicopters woke us. There were lots of shouts.”

Complex reports that the raid lasted three hours.


El Chapo is expected to be extradited to the United States

It was hard not to facepalm after it was revealed that El Chapo was sent back to the Altiplano high-security prison that he escaped from, but since then it’s been announced that El Chapo will likely be extradited.

José Manuel Merino Madrid, who oversees Mexico’s extradition process, says that El Chapo’s lawyers may drag the process out for about a year, though it may take more time, according to Radio Fórmula.



Images of Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn at the airport have surfaced

Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn tried to be slick when they visited Mexico together, but they didn’t cover all their tracks. Mexican intelligence teams photographed Kate with El Chapo’s lawyer, and the two were seen arriving into Guadalajara together.

The small craft they took to the Golden Triangle area was even photographed, according to CNN.


All of El Chapo's interview has been released

In Sean Penn’s article about El Chapo, a short video was embedded that had the drug lord answering Sean’s questions via video. Today, Rolling Stone released the entire video.

You can watch it here.


Chapo's shirts are on sale

Since his recapture last week, several news photos of El Chapo have been released. Barabas, the company behind his A Night at the Roxbury getup, has proudly been showing images of El Chapo wearing two of their shirts. Business has been booming for Barabas ever since.