5 Times Jorge Ramos Didn’t Take Anyone’s Shit

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While some may think Jorge Ramos is the Democratic party’s mouthpiece, the truth is that he will push anyone, especially if their views on immigration don’t match his. Yesterday, he was at a Donald Trump press conference, where he spoke out of turn and trolled the presidential candidate. Trump kicked him out (and then let him back in), and we were reminded that Ramos is ride or die for Latinos and effectively using his platform.

Last night was not the only time Ramos has been outspoken and pushed others to get real answers. Here are five times Ramos answered to no one. And don’t worry, we time-stamped the videos for your convenience.


Jorge Ramos asked Barack Obama about his flip-flopping on immigration.

Even though Obama’s executive action on immigration was helpful to those living in the United States, Ramos still wanted to make Obama accountable for his first six years in office. “You always had the legal authority to stop deportations. Then why did you deport two million people?” Ramos asked, and cuts off the POTUS before he can respond. “For six years, you destroyed many families. They called you Deporter-in-Chief.”


When he told Enrique Peña Nieto to resign following his Casa Blanca scandal.

During his Time 100 gala speech, Ramos decided to call out EPN. First he talked about EPN and Angélica Rivera’s Casa Blanca scandal, where they had government contractors paying for his new fancy digs. In return, the company received government contracts. But because Ramos is not about that subtweet life, he switched into Spanish to speak directly to him.


Jorge Ramos asked John Boehner about why he is blocking immigration reform.

Boehner tried to shift the blame somewhere else, and Ramos was like, “no, that doesn’t even make sense.” “What does Obamacare have to do with immigration reform?” he asked. “The senate passed it almost a year ago. You haven’t moved on that. People are questioning your leadership and vision on that.”


When he stood up for one woman.

San Blas mayor Hilario Ramírez lifted a woman’s skirt up during an event, and Ramos pressed him on this. When Ramírez said it was a moment of happiness, Ramos was quick to point out that it wasn’t for her.


When he called out other journalists.

Ramos said that some journalists in the U.S. are a little too cozy with those in power, which leads to “bland interviews.”