7 Times Mexican Fashion Brand AKNA Dressed ‘Euphoria’s Alexa Demie

Lead Photo: LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 04: Alexa Demie arrives at the LA Premiere Of HBO's "Euphoria" at The Cinerama Dome on June 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)
LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 04: Alexa Demie arrives at the LA Premiere Of HBO's "Euphoria" at The Cinerama Dome on June 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)
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One thing everyone loves about Euphoria is the outfits. The award-winning HBO series has debuted some pretty fantastic looks on all of our favorite characters. However, a character that never fails to amaze audiences is Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie. Naturally, fans watching wonder how they can find these looks and we’re here to help! 

Aidan Euan’s AKNA, which is a small Mexican independent fashion brand, is responsible for some of Maddy’s most incredible looks. And for fans of the show, it’s really amazing to know that there is a Mexican creator behind Maddy’s fashion, especially when he uses his culture to influence his work. 

It’s even more rewarding to see the incredible support and love fans of the series are giving to AKNA and his work, which is so well deserved. Outside of Euphoria, Demie has even worn custom pieces for premieres and award shows! 

Take a look at these seven remarkable pieces created by AKNA and worn by Alexa Demie. 



First up, we have this iconic look: the Damien Black Mini Dress. You might recognize this from Euphoria’s season two premiere episode. Maddy wore this dress at the New Year’s Eve party, including in a scene that quickly went viral of her banging on the bathroom door. Along with black, the dress is currently available in cafe and white. The matching gloves that are seen in the episode are also available in all three colors. 


This second look was worn in Season 2 Episode 2. This one includes the jeans, belt, top, and purse. The jeans are handmade and dyed with two stages of hand-wash and dye. Meanwhile, the leather details were hand placed with metal tips. As for the purse, he hand-painted alacranes (scorpions) on the Ivy Louis Vuitton bag.

In an Instagram post, Euan explains that “The idea of a Mexican artist stamping an alacran as a symbol that encompasses a range of meaning in our culture of lust, sex appeal, protection, strength, spiritual guide, and of Spanish Colonizers succumbing to scorpion stings onto a luxury handbag felt almost unreachable in reality but felt powerful at the moment to mark a piece of my culture on a luxury handbag, even if for a blurry second. The handbag will now be immortalized on TV, even if for a blurry second.” These hidden details are such a beautiful addition and truly make the piece. 


Next, we have a look from Season 2 Episode 3: a beautiful purple two piece set with handmade Swarovski paw tattoos. This was from another memorable scene between Maddy and Cassie, who in an effort to get Nate to notice her, dresses identical to his ex-girlfriend. The two share an awkward “twin” moment in the hallway, but it’s impossible for viewers not to absolutely love their looks. Plus, how could we not be obsessed with that color?


Then, of course, we have to highlight the tracksuit from Season 1 Episode 8. This piece is once again, handmade, but this time has a cropped hood jacket with the small front crystal “Baby Girl” detail. On the bottom, we have a mini skirt with a large back crystal “Baby Girl.” Not only is it adorable in this perfect shade of pink, but it also looks super comfy. And the skirt has a side invisible zipper. 


This stunning look consists of a crystal two piece that absolutely screams Maddy! The character can be seen wearing it in the explosive season one finale episode.

Euan created a cropped ostrich jacket complete with tiny Swarovski Crystals hand placed in between the feathers. This two-piece would not be complete without the custom MADDY crystal purse, Swarovski net headpiece, Dice crystal earrings, and Swarovski black strap heels. Every aspect really adds up to create an unforgettable outfit!


Before Euphoria aired, fans were given a taste of AKNA’s fashion when Demie showed up in a custom look by the designer at the series premiere!

While sharing the look on Instagram, Euan wrote, “Can’t wait for you guys to see some of my work in the series.” Along with the backless dress, we have matching gloves to fully capture everyone’s attention. The pattern looks flawless on Demie and was definitely a worthy introduction to Euan.


In 2019, the actress wore a custom AKNA to the MTV Movie Awards. This glamorous look used thousands of Swarovski elements, making the gown truly sparkle in every sense of the word. Euan posted some BTS details as well, sharing that they even had earrings made in the same Swarovski chain that was used for the dress’ straps and details. The crystal chandelier earrings really add to the overall look while highlighting the colors used in the dress.