Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege realized the potential of camera phones to revolutionize photography pretty early on. But they also knew that to reach it they’d have to deal with grainy photos and the difficulty of sharing images across social media platforms. In 2010, they created Instagram, with filtered images becoming the new hotness. That first day, 25,000 people signed up, and in five years, it has grown to more than 400 million users. I think it’s safe to say that without them, the selfie would never have reached its ubiquitous heights.

For their anniversary on Tuesday, Instagram released the five most liked images in their history. As expected, they revolve around the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but if you want to delve deeper into la cultura Latina, here are nine accounts you should check out. And if nine isn’t enough, make sure to check out our Instagram of the Week column, where we highlight our faves to follow.


Robert Rodriguez

The hat-loving Robert Rodriguez is king at TBT, so get ready for lots of blasts from the past. There’s also stuff like the image above, which may make you jump out of your seat a little.


Ricardo González

Chicago-born artist Ricardo González has been working on “kitsch Latino art” for the last few years. He looks at pop culture and stereotypes in both Mexico and the U.S., and he calls it “naco” art because he thought it “was a good fit to question what is high art or low art and really question authenticity in art – and in my own ethnicity, too.”


Emmanuel Lubezki

In his day job, Emmanuel Lubezki creates some of the most breath-taking scenes. On Instagram, it’s not much different.


Adriana Zehbrauskas

Brazilian Adriana Zehbrauskas documents the lives of people in Mexico and South America with her camera. She felt photography was the perfect way to tell people’s stories. “The lives of anonymous people, stories that connect us all as humans but we don’t always have the time, opportunity, or even, I dare say, interest to listen or see…I believe photojournalism is a bridge, a powerful tool to connect minds and hearts, to bring distant places close, to connect lives and bring opportunities for discovery and change,” she said.



Luis Guzmán

We’ve already named Luis Guzmán one of the most prolific character actors of all time, so you’ll see lots of familiar faces on his Insta. As well as some of his humor.



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Viajar, México, y los textiles son los tres grandes amores de Ana Paula Fuentes (@anadelcamino), y también los protagonistas de sus fotografías. Por su trabajo, esta promotora de textiles mexicanos salta constantemente de Oaxaca, en el sur del país, a Guerrero, en el oeste, pasando por la capital, una que otra vez. También viaja al extranjero promocionando el trabajo de las artesanas textiles mexicanas. “Desde niña siempre fui una pata de perro. Siempre me ha fascinado conocer otras culturas y otros lugares. Me encanta moverme, descubrir lugares nuevos.” asegura Ana, quien estudió Diseño Textil, pero está más interesada en las historias que estos materiales cuentan que en su proceso de elaboración. Pero para ella, lo más gratificante de su trabajo es su relación con las artesanas con las que trabaja y ver que a partir del arte textil y de sus tradiciones ellas pueden tener una vida mejor. “Me encanta conocer su forma de vida, lo que ellas piensan, lo que ellas hacen, lo que ellas crean y como se acostumbraron a vivir una vida a través del textil.” Foto de @anadelcamino

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Spanish is the second most popular language on Instagram, and it’s pretty dope that the platform gave the language this much attention. Bonus: This is a great place to find other Instagram accounts to follow.


Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco’s Insta is how you find out what hair color/hairstyle she’s into now. It’s also where you’ll see little sneak peeks of Orange is the New Black.


Alexis Diaz

Alexis Diaz is a street artist who has worked all over the world. He specializes in animorphs, where he transforms animals into new shapes.



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October vibez #MariaFelix

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Because we bring your Maria Felix realness.