We’re just days away from the second season of Fox’s The Masked Singer, and people are already wildly speculating about participants. For those who have never had the pleasure of watching this truly magical show, The Masked Singer features a number of disguised celebrities (first season it was 12, this season it’ll be 15). Not only can you not see what they look like, you also can’t hear their speaking voice. Each week, they sing a song, and judges attempt to guess who is behind the mask of the person eliminated. (The first season’s winner, btw, was T-Pain.)

On September 15, Fox aired an hour-long sneak peek, so people are already putting in their guesses. And viewers seem to unanimously agree that Adrienne Bailon, aka 1/4 of The Cheetah Girls, is on the show. They believe she is the Flamingo character.

Check out a few reasons why people are so confident it’s her, and let us know in the comments, do you agree? Personally, we’ll be looking for a sprinkling of cheetah / The Real clues throughout the season.