Every Latino Reaction GIF You Need to Say Goodbye to 2016

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In 2016, Reaction GIFs continued their dominance as a new language tool to convey opinions, emotions or concepts in an often hilarious way.

They helped us make sense of this year’s brutal election season, entertained us with feats of athleticism during the Olympics, amused us during pretty much every award show, and helped us repurpose our favorite old telenovelas into relevant every day situations. Plus, with GIPHY killing the game with integrations on phone keyboards, Tumblr, and Twitter, it was easier than ever this year to use reaction GIFs for pretty much every given situation.

Below are a few of our favorite from the Latinternet this year. Let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments.


Oscar Isaac's epic Ex Machina dance

Dancing La Chona at Rubi’s XV like…


Paquita la del Barrio with the feels

Post 2016 election.


Juan Ga hip shake

When you find out Cali, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine legalized weed.


Selena LOLing

When someone calls you extra but they don’t even know.


Soraya Montenegro's BOY BYE

When someone offers you Neiman Marcus tamales.


Brazilian Dab

When bae likes more than one of your selfies on IG.


J.LO's pouty side eye


Listening to a guy mansplaining feminism to you.


Mylene from The Get Down

Feeling. Your. Self.


Justice Sotomayor Out

When the open bar at the holiday party closes.


Laurie Hernadez saying "I got this"

2017, here we come.